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From: Sampathkumar (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 18:41:57 PDT

>>Dear Srivaishnavas  let me  take you all to the  green land of k.l.  and
>>Sri Sundararaja Perumal Koil. Klang  where I left you all in my last
>>posting.More revelations followed  when Sh Velukkudi Swami
>>eagerly asked for more informations. from the  group of persons who have
>>come. It was not just  10 of them who had come to listen to the upanyasam
>>who are following the srivaishnava sampradaya but  about 300 of them  who
>>have chosen a  Srivaishnava Swamin  locally and are guided by him. Most of
>>them are  blue collored workmen. They improve their  knowledge  and more
>>that their Bhakthi thro listening to upanyasam tapes  obtained from
>India.All of them
>>meet regularly , only with the sole aim of  knowing more and more of the
>>Great  philosophy.. Let me  stop for a moment here and take you  all to
>>another venue.This time  it is at Singapore . Velukkudi Krishnan Swami
>>agreed to address  a group  who are very devouted - and the group is a
>mixed group in the sense  it consists of srivaishnavas, saiv aites, mathvas
>etc.  The group follows the  teachings of a living spiritual leader.The
>topic for discussion was Nava vidha Bhakthi and the discourse was in
>English. As the discourse proceeded  the group  was spellbound   and little
>later got invoved emotionally and little later  tears started rolling down
>on hearing the glory of Lord Sriman Nrayana.- A number of Srivaishnavas
>were present with  the Thiru Namam prominent on their forehead. Eventhough
>the spirutual leader is not a follower of Srivaishnavism, the group  has  a
>strong bond towards him.What made these  Srivaishnavas  to get attached
>strongly to a differnt philosophy-. Scene three .   An aircondtioned hall
>Laguna park , and another one in  University campus Singapore. The
>, learned, educated cultured, well placed  Srivaishnavas  with thier
>families. The topic for upanyasam by Velukkudi Swami  was on Swami
>Nammazhlwar.It was like an advanced  course. The same emotional reactions
>thro the upanyasams.
> The first group consisting of non srivaishnavas by birth,if I may be
>permitted to use that terminology, the second group srivaishnavas  gone
>astray if I may be permitted to  say so and the third one  born
>srivaishnavas  totally  following the tenents of sriviashnava
>philosophy.While  a low  percentage of people  hopefully clinging on to the
>srivaishnava faith ,a  big chunk  in the middle group  is wandereing  like
>rudderless boat and the first group on a catamaran  with so much
>looking towards  a light house for reaching the shores Let us go back to
>issues raised in my first  message
>More to follow in the next  postings please
>Jaya Sriman Narayana
>H.H.Sri Mudaliyandan Swami shisya  sampathsOriginal Message-----

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