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Saranagathi Vol.03.007

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 17 2000 - 19:50:26 PDT

Dear BhakthAs : 

We just released the 7th issue of Volume 3 
of SaraNAgati Journal. The contents of this issue
and their descriptions are attached.

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VOL :  03.007                                          28.May.2000

In this  Issue:
1.  Editorial
2.  NikshEpa rakshA - Part 1 - N.S.Anantha RangAchAri
3.  The Doctrine of Saranagathi - Part 1 - S.M.S.Chari
4.  Sri BhishmA Sthuthi - Part 3/3 - U.Ve.Purisai KrishnamachAriAr
5.  What is in this week?  List of festivals and events, this week


1.  Editorial

Dear BhakthAs:

It  is  adiyEn's  pleasure  to  release  the  seventh   issue   of
SaraNAgathi journal today.

There are three articles in this issue:

(1)  Swami  Desikan's  NikshEpa  rakshA,  one  of  the five RakshA
granthams bequeathed to us as our kula  dhanam.  The  others  are:
PaancharAthra  RakshA  ( authoritative coverage of the fundamental
teachings of the samhithAs of PAncharAthra Agamam),  Saccharrithra
RakshA dealing with the religious rites of Sri VaishNavAs ,Rahasya
RakshA  dealing  extensively  with the doctrine of SaraNAgathi and
GithArtha Sangraha RakshA .We are proud to present this  important
contribution  by  Dr.N.S.AnantharangAcchAr Swamy. We hope to cover
the other four RakshA granthams of Swamy Desikan in the future.

This rakshA grantham has been named  "nikshEpa  RakshA"  by  Swami
Desikan.  NikshEpa  is  an abbreviated word for "Aathma nikshEpa".
Literally , NikshEpa means a pledge of anything deposited  without
a seal in great trust (mahA visvAsam). "Aathma NikshEpA means then
the  surender  of the Lord's property, the AathmA at His feet with
total trust and living free  of  worries  thereafter.  Thus  Athma
NikshEpa  is equivalent in meaning to SaraNAgati, Athma SamarpaNam
and Bhara nyAsam. The  defense  of  Aathma  NikshEpam  (saraNAgati
doctrine) is NikshEpa RakshA.

(2)  The  second article is the first in the series of articles by
Dr.S.M.S.  Chari  on the central theme of this electronic Journal,
(viz).,  SaraNAgathi.  Many times the Vedic and Upanishadic routes
of SaraNAgathi are not covered  explicitly  in   granthams. Hence,
the contributions of Dr.S.M.S.Chari is most welcome.

(3)  BhIsma  Sthuthi: This third article concludes the coverage of
the ten verses in salutation of Lord ParthasArathy by  BhIshmA  at
the battle field of KurukshEthram.
adiyEn, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan, Editor
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