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Clarification on Vinayaka(Ganapathi) Pooja

From: M.K.Shrinath (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 06:43:44 PDT

Srimathe rangapriya mahadeShikaya nama:

Dear bhagavathas,

Adien understands from Sri Tatachar’s mail that there is a scope of mis-representation of facts on Vinayaka pooja in adien's previous mail. A mandatory clause was never implied when adien mentioned that Vinayaka(Ganapathi) pooja and Saraswathi pooja were celebrated due to 'influence of kannadigas' etc. If this has been the conveyed meaning, adien apologises requests to be pardoned for this error. It is indeed a maha aparadham to say that kannadigas forced others to follow their culture. Not only in Old Mysore (where adien was born), it applies all over Karnataka that kannadigas are the most amicable and sociable people to live with. 

These poojas were celebrated at home more due to children's requests. We used to force our parents to ‘keep Ganesha’ at home so that we get other children to come to our house and vice versa and enjoy the festive decoration and associated fun . It was not our age to understand the concept of Anya devatha. Hence even though Vinayaka was kept in a mantapam, there was no pratishtapanam etc.

Hope this clarifies. Adien thanks Sri Tatachar Bhagavatar for pointing out this aspect.

sri rangapriya dasan,

M.K. Shrinath

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