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irAmAnusa nooRRu anthAthi - part 8 - "thEn vanthu pAyum eeram"

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 18:53:00 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

This is an informtion item .

Sri Sampath Rengarajan is posting a series
of important articles on the greatness of Sri RaamAnuja 
NooRRandhAthi and the greatness of its author,
Thiruvarangatthu AmudhanAr , a contemproary of
AchArya RaamAnujA . 

These postings are on a private mailing list 
now and may not be known well to the readers of 
the Bhakthi list. I have attached the latest 
posting ( Posting # 8) as a sample . Please fell 
free to let Sri Rengarajan know whether you 
would like to be on his mailing list for these
so that he can send the copies to you directly .
This way only those , who might be interested 
can receive them . 

He has provided 8 postings sofar 
as Introduction and from here on he will
be writing about the individual 108 slOkams
over the next few weeks /months .In all , there
will be 100 plus postings of 3-4 paragraphs length .
Some difficult to assemble information is being
presented in these postings.


>From: "Sampath Rengarajan" <>
>Subject: irAmAnusa nooRRu anthAthi - part 8 - "thEn vanthu pAyum eeram"
>Srimadh Azhagiya singar thiru vadikaLE saraNam
>Sri thiru arangatthu amudhanAr thiruvadikaLE saraNam
>Sri Ramanujar thiru vadigaLE saraNam
>Sri RanganAyikA samEtha Sri RangarAjan thiruvadikaLE saraNam

>Dear bAgawathAs,
>singAra kuyilgal sangeetham pAdum
>sil enRa kARRu sol meethu oorum
>then amuthanAr sollin dheeram
>thEn vanthu pAyum eeram
>meaning: When this "varik kuyil" of Srivaishnva pArampariyam sings
>about Sri irAmAnusa nooRru anthAthi,  there  is  a  gentle  breeze
>known  as  "anubavam"  that dips itself in the "oyyAra aruvi" (the
>flow of the thought conveyed in the poorvAchAryA vyAkyAnams  about
>Sri  irAmAnusa  nooRRu anthAthi is similar to a "falls" that is so
>elegant and is flowing continously) and brings the dampness of the
>falls ("sAral") along with it. Such dampness  is  felt  even  when
>reading  the  words  of  Sri  thiru  arangatthu  amuthanAr  in his
>pasurams of Sri irAmAnusa nooRRu anthAthi.  The  dampness  is  not
>only  felt  but  it  has  been coming out as similar to a "spring"
>(ooRRu) with a non-stop flow. The "valimai" or the  power  of  the
>words of Sri thiru arangatthu amuthanAr are incomparable. Whenever
>one dwell in this anubavam they will be soaked in honey or "thEn",
>in addition to this dampness and the the flow from this "ooRRu" or
>the "spring" and the words that are so powerful in senthamizh.
>These  3 pasurams were also validated by the prathyaksha darshanam
>of Sri emperumAnAr, Sri Koorathu AzhwAr and their  shishyALs.  Sri
>emperumAnAr,  Sri AzhwAn and shishyALs stood as the "rakshai" this
>time around, and provided the protection for the 4000 at  the  end
>of  it.  It  is  said  that  Sri  Kooratthu  AzhwAr pleaded to Sri
>RanganAthar and thAyAr and wished that there must be "three  sARRu
>pAsurams"  for  Sri  irAmAnusa nooRRu anthAthi. He did so, to make
>everyone to remember this incident that the last  3  pasurams  are
>delivered  in the presence of Sri emperumAnAr himself. So when all
>the other  prabhandhams  will  have  only  2  sARRu  pAsurams  Sri
>irAmAnusa nooRRu anthAthi alone will have three sARRu pAsurams.
>Though Sri peria vAcchAn pillai did not deliver a vyAkyAnam for Sri
>irAmAnusa  nooRRu anthAthi, he had however overwhemingly mentioned
>refererence to Sri thiru arangatthu amuthAnAr's par-excellence  in
>senthamizh  pulakAngitham  in  many places. Sri peria AcchAn pilai
>also has compared some of the utterances in  AzhwArs  pAsurams  to
>the  usage  of excellent anubavam of Sri Arangatthu amuthanAr. The
>"nirvAham" of Sri arangatthu  amuthAnAr  for  AzhwAr  pAsurams  is
>cited by Sri peria AcchAn pillaiin in many of his vyAkyAnams. ie.,
>Sri  thiru arangatthu amuthanAr had his own unique anubavam of Sri
>AzhwAr pAsurams and such is highlighted none other by the vyAkyAna
>chakravathi Sri peria AcchAn pillai himself.
>Sri pin pazhagiya jeer who is also the shishyAL of  Sri  nam  jeer
>had  delivered references to Sri thiru arangatthu amuthanAr in his
>"vArrtha mAlai" and "Sri  ArAyirapadi  guru  pArampariyam".  Swami
>dEsikan  had  referred  to  Sri  thiru arangatthu amuthanAr in his
>"prabhandha sAram". Sri nayinAr AcchAn pillai  (son  of  Sri  peria
>AcchAn  pillai)  had  delivered  ample  references  to  Sri  thiru
>arangatthu  amuthanAr  in "saramOpAya nirnayam". Sri yamunAchAriar
>of thiru malai AndAn's vamsam also has delivered  many  references
>to Sri thiru arangatthu amuthanAr in his "pramEya rathnam".
>Sri  thiru  arangatthu  amuthanAr  lived  for  108  years  and  he
>delivered  108  apoorva  rathnams  as  pAdals  or  pasurams of Sri
>irAmAnusa nooRRu anthAthi. Sri MaNavALA  mA  munigaL  delivered  a
>concise  "uRai"  for  these  108  pasurams.  Sri pillai lOkam jeer
>delivered an elaborate vyAkyAnam using 1000  padi  (*),  for  this
>grantham.  Sri  prathi  vAthi bayankaram AnnangarAchAr delivered a
>vyAkyAnam  for  this  "nool".  Sri  Utthamoor  Swami  delviered  a
>vyAkyAnam for this grantham as a part of his commentary  for  4000
>divya  prabhadham.  A  detailed  publication  of  Sri pillai lOkam
>Jeer's vyAkyAnam and Sri MaNavALa mA  munigaL's  "uRai"  has  been
>published  after  a  a lapse of 108 years (ie after 1891) in 1999.
>Such publication was released to this world under the holy feet of
>than oppAr illappan last year at thiru viNNagaram sannithi. (**)

>thiruk kudanthai Sampath Rengarajan
>note: (*) - Please refer to some explanations for the metric known
>as "padi" from adiyEn's writings on thirup pAvAi.
>(**) - It is a divine command and unknown coincidence that  adiyEn
>began  to attempt to write on this as desired by the AngyAI of Sri
>Oppiliappan conveyed  through  Sri  Oppiliappan  kOil  Varadachari
>Sadagopan  Swamin.  adiyEn  was asked to write on this by a parama
>bAgawathAL of Sri than oppAr illappan without knowing  about  this
>publication  that  took  place  under HIS holy feet. After reading
>this incident, it is a "mayir kooccherirum experience" for  me  to
>think  of  how  all this started here. Sri Sadagopan has delivered
>beautiful write up on Sri thiru  arangatthu  amuthAnar's  anubavam
>that  led  to the birth of Sri irAmAnusa nooRRu anthAthi & as well
>as about the thaniyans (please refer to the postings of the  month
>of  April  from  Malolan  net  archives) of this aboorva grantham.
>Since the thaniyans are already covered by  Oppiliappan  kOil  Sri
>V.Sadagopan Swamin, adiyEn will pray to thiru arangatthu amuthanAr
>with  those  thaniyans and will attempt to start from pasuram 1 in
>the next part.

Remember four years of good friends, bad clothes, explosive chemistry 

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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