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Satvika ThyAgaha

From: Malolan Cadambi (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 13:59:59 PDT

Dear Bhaktas,

No words in the English language can express my feeling of thanks to all of you who have indeed given a revelation to me about the Satvika ThyAgaha.

Tears rolled down when I read Sriman Mani Varadarajan's second reply on the Satvika ThyAga chapter. Indeed Sriman Sadagopan as well as Sriman M.S.Hari have also explained beautifully about Satvika ThyAgaha.

As Sri Vaishnavas we all should perform Satvika ThyAgam to become one with Govinda.

At this juncture I would like to quote my favorite verse from Bhagavad Gita :

aham sarvasya prabhavo
    mataha sarvam pravartathe
ithi mathvA bhajanthe mAm
    buddAha bhAva samanvitAh

" I am the source of all spiritual and material worlds. Everything emanates from me. The wise who perfectly know this engage in my devotional service and worship me with all their hearts"

As Sriman Sadagopan had written, in the Spirit of Satvika ThyAgam,

" Sarvam Sri KrishnArpanam astu "

adiyEn Malola Narasimha dasan,

Malolan Cadambi

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