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Re: [Satvika ThyAgaha]

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 17:59:19 PDT

Dear Shree Malolan Cadambi,
Further to the clear description of 
Saathvika ThyAgam by Both Srimans Mani Vardarajan and
M.S.Hari  , I would like to invite your attention to
the first and the third slOkam of Sri NyAsa dasakam 
for additional reference.The most merciful Swamy Desikan
distills the essence of Saathvika ThyAgam in these two
verses during the occasion of His SaraNAgathi at the sacred feet 
of Kanchi VaradarAjan .

Sriman N.Krishnamachari has commented on the meanings
of the slOkams in Sri VaishNavA Home pages under Desika
SthOthrams . I have also written about it , but I could not 
locate the date and year in the archives quickly.

Recitation of the NyAsa Dasakam daily is very important ;
even more important than that is the reflection on 
the profound imeanings of the SlOkams with particular 
attention to slOkams 1 and 3 . 

In the spirit of Saathvika ThyAgam , we say 
"sarvam KrishNArpaNam asthu".


>The Satvika Thyagam is the secret regarding performance of Karma by
>Karma Yogis. It is elaborately dealt with in Shree Bhagavat Gita and
>other scriptures.
>It consist of three thyagams. Thyagam almost means "Sacrifice".
>They are
>1. Kartrutva Thyagam (Sacrifice the ego "I am the Doer of Karma")
>2. Boktrutva Thyagam (Sacrifice the ego "I am the enjoyer of its result")
>3. Pala Thyagam (Sacrifice the thought that "The Result is mine")
>If all the karma is done as above for the satisfaction of the Lord Hari
>and by the order of Lord Hari, then it fetches the mercy of the Lord which
>surely makes the man to go to higher levels. Otherwise, the karma
>binds the man and he suffers in the material world again and again.

>Thanks & Regards
>M.S.HARI Ramanuja Dasan

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