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From: balaji bindinganavile (
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 16:31:28 PDT


I am Balaji basically from Bangalore. Firstly I should thank God for if not 
for HIS grace I would not have faulted on the web site created by Mani (an 
excellent job though) and also Mr. V Sadagopan.
Now for a bit of myself. I did my Bachelors in Chemical Engg. From Bangalore 
University and came to Australia to do my MS in Environmental Engineering.. I 
graduated last Winter (June 99, well its winter in australia). And got a job 
with the Government of Papua New Guinea (PNG), which is a neighbouring 
country of Australia. Just couple of hrs flight from Brisbane, where I 
studied. I worked with the government for 2 months before I got a job with 
BHP Minerals and since then working in one of the mines in PNG. Guess what I 
am the only Indian in the whole mine site. It is an interesting place to 
work though. Cut off from the rest of the civilization, we get an average of 
10 meters of rainfall every year. There is not a single day when it does not 
rain. The only way out of this place is by the companyís charter plane. This 
place is covered with dense tropical forest all round. We get to fly once in 
nine weeks to Brisbane for a week. Well that is all about my self.

My parents are in Bangalore. Though my father is very religious (he goes for 
all the vada parayanam and nalayira divya prabhandham and knows most of them 
by-heart) I have not imbibed an iota of his knowledge. I do my regular 
sandhyavandhanam and chant part of yajur veda and dsdika stotra and thatís 
it. So you can guess how ignorant I am with respect to any knowledge about 

Balaji Bindinganavile

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