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Exchange of Madhurya-rasam between Divya dhampthis

From: Jagannathan Venkatanathan (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 08:07:21 PDT

Dear Members:

I sometimes have difficulty when reading about madhurya-rasam exchanges between Divya dhampathis as described in "Nila thunga shathana giri thati supta udhbhodhya KrishNam", and in Sri Lakshmi sahasram  etc

I know that the acts of Divya dhampatis are 
purely transcendental (not subject to karma).
Yet when I read about the Divya madhurya acts like
above, I am being reminded of the mundanely similar acts that karmis indulge in. and I feel disgusted at myself getting reminded of the karmically 
equivalent acts !!

Would members please share their thoughts ?


J. Venkatanathan

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