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Re: on Sri Ramanujacharya

From: Balaji Krishnan (
Date: Sun Jun 11 2000 - 22:19:43 PDT

Dear Sridharan,

Adiyen will try to answer as much as I can. Maybe, other respected members
can fill in/correct me.

> adiyen has two questions' to ask them seeking clarifications
> on Sri Ramanujacharya.
> 1)  Why He has been called/referred as Udaiyavar and as
>        Emperumanar.  There would definetly be a lot of meaning
>       & significance to these names.....

Sri RAmAnujar was responsible for setting right and correcting many
rites and rituals at the Srirangam temple and legend says that Perumal
himself called him as "emmai udayavar" out of happiness. I believe,
the kovil ozhugu of Srirangam mentions about this (on how Udayavar is
called so). Does someone in this group know the exact wording ?
> 2)  What is the meaning for "Munnai vinayagala  MoongirKudiAmudan"
>       the start of eRaamauja Noothandhadhi Thaniyan &
>      ..sequence of the word "Thiruvarangathamudhanaar" appears repeatedly
>       in the subsequent Thaniyans ... & also in R. noothandhadhi Paasurams.

Thiruvarangathu amudhanAr is the author of R. nUtRadhAdhi. Not sure
what the meaning of the thaniyan is.


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