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Some info. on Mysore Iyengars

From: M.K.Shrinath (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 04:42:03 PDT

Srimathe Rangapriya Maha deShikaya nama:

Dear Bhagavatottamas,

Amidst enlightening discussion going on on Karnataka Iyengars, adien

wish to share some information with the learned group about adien's

roots which comes under the classification"Mysore Iyengars".

Perhaps it is best to explain from adien's grand father's name

*Tirumale satyagalam Sri krishna deShikachar*. My grand father's fore-

fathers were the descendents of the followers of Swami Sri vedantha

deshikar, who followed Swami Sri Vedantha deShikar during his

migration to Karmnataka's satyagalam.They had their aacharya prampara

from those disciples and had the suffix "deShikan"

attached to their name.

These Mysore Iyengars were essentially 'keelnattu Sri vaiShNavas' in

their practices and viDhis. Due to continuous influence of kannadigas

and their cultures, they celebrated vinayaka pooja as well as

gaNapathi pooja, perhaps in their attempt to find oneness and hence

stability in their state of domicile. Even the spoken language underwent a lot of changes with 40% kannada added to tamil.

Thus my grand father moved to Mysore to accept vyakaraNa pandita's

position in Jayachamarajendra Vodeyar's court, the then king of


Due to modernisation, the suffixdeShikan was missing in adienís case, not to mention depletion of spirituality!

Adien Sri rangapriya dasan,

Mysore kriShna Iyengar Shrinath

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