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Periya Thirumozhi 9.3- urugi, nenjE! ninaindhu ingu irundhu enna payan?

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 06:03:58 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

In this ten Parakala Nayaki, crosses her feminine nature and longs openly 
for the Lord and suffers from the separation. The friend says "If you 
attempt to go to Him like this, your feminity will decrease". AzhwAr tells 
the friend and her mind, too, "I would rather go to Him that suffer here 
from the separation."

1. I, the sinner, who is suffering from the separation from Him, will never 
ever let Him go. The Emperumaan, who united with me completely, and has gone 
away capturing my feminine, golden colour beauty with Him, resides here at 
ThiruppullaaNi. Oh my dear mind! Go, pay obeisance and get saved.

2. Oh my dear mind! what is the big deal of being here thinking of Him? 
Emperumaan, who had united with me, to my fullest heart's content, stays at 
this sthalam of ThiruppullaaNi, where the ocean sweeps the gem stones to the 
shore. Go, pay obeisance and get saved.

3. Oh my dear mind! How can I ever forget Him? I am not able to. Let us see 
if we can forget Him, after He comes to us permanently. Near that charming, 
beautiful gardens, full of ponds with lot of fragrant flowers, He followed 
me and said to me, "I will never ever leave the impish charming, foolish 
(pEdhai) You. Then he left me. That Emperumaan resides in ThiruppullaaNi. 
Go, pay obeisance and get saved.

4. When he united with me, the honey bee was the witness. He has not 
bestowed His grace on this paavi. He has left me. He did not follow what He 
had said that day. (nangaL eesan namakkE paNittha mozhi seydhilan). Oh 
friend! Come let us go to ThiruppullaaNi, where the ocean pushes the pearls 
to its shores. Don't stop me. Let us get saved by paying obeisance to Him 
and get saved.

5. Thinking of it, my heart languishes; That day, he had plucked some 
flowers from "kongu" tree and adorned my hair. Then he showered His love on 
me. His place of residence is ThiruppullaaNi. my dear mind! Go, pay 
obeisance and get saved.

6. Oh my dear mind! What is the use of thinking of Emperumaan here? We need 
to go. Udhaaran (Most merciful Lord), the most wonderful Lord, Blue hued 
Most beautiful Perumaan is he who resides at ThiruppullaaNi. he is my Swami. 
Go, pay obeisance and get saved.

7. Oh sinful mind! What is the use of not sleeping, always thinking of Him, 
who had deserted us, day and night? Let us go to ThiruppullaaNi, where the 
white waves gallop like horses and sweep the pearls to the sand banks and 
get saved.

8. Emperumaan, who has Chakra and the plough, had deceited me as if He loved 
us. Nor did He have any mercy on us. Come, my dear mind! Let us go to 
ThiruppullaaNi and pay obeisance to Him to get saved.

9. Oh my girl! He is the only Purushaartham for us and hence, let us perform 
our snAnam, and utter his Divine name. Let us pay our obeisance to Him, 
offering our dhaNdavath praNAmams at His Lotus Feet every day. Even if He 
does not grant anything good on His own, at least this effort of ours should 
be able to get Him. If we do not have even this, we will never be able to 
get Him. Come. Let us pay obeisance to Him at ThiruppullaaNi.

10. This ten is on the most beautiful ThiruppullaaNi Divya Desam, which is 
surrounded all over by the lovely gardens full of lotus ponds, tender 
leaves. This is composed by the Kaliyan, who never wavers in his mind. Thos 
who read this ten (sung in chaste Tamil) will be blessed to live in 

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana
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