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From: Raja Krishnasamy (
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 08:37:37 PDT

1.  Please make Checks payable to "Desika Bhavanam"
2.  Contributors of $50 will get Volume 1.  Now available.  I plan to bring
it with me during my forthcoming trip to India in August
3.  Contributors of $100 will ger both Volumes.  Vol 2 available upon
publishing.  I will post the availability date once I get an update from the
Desika Bhavanam / Shri Swamy.


Raja Krishnasamy

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From: Raja Krishnasamy []
Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2000 06:33 PM

Members of the list:

This list has been a great resource that has promoted a lot of education and
learning and preservation of our pristine culture.  It is in this spirit
that I forward the following appeal to the members of this list.  We request
the support of all of you for this kainkaryam.

Please read on.


Raja Krishnasamy


Appeal for financial assistance to publish Vol. 2 of Sri Bhashyam with lucid
commentary by Sri U. Ve Perukkaranai Chakravarthy Acharya Swamy.

About the Author:

Sri U. Ve P.M. Chakvarthyacharya Swamy is now the resident Acharya of
Desika Bhavanam, Mylapore, Chennai. Sri Swamy studied Niyaya Siromani in
Tirupati (1944), specialised in Tarka, Vedanta and Sahitya under Uthamoor
Sri Veeraraghavachar, Sri D.T.Thathacharya Swamy, Sri Neelameghachar and
Ramanatha Sastrigal. He then came under the tutelage of the Scholar-saint
H.H 42nd Jeer (Injimedu) Azhagiasingar. He was a teacher & later the
Principal of Madhurantakam Sanskrit College established by that Jeer. Being
the Asthana Vidvan of Ahobila Mutt, he is called upon to be examiner and
chief coordinator of many a vidvat sadas. The Jeer conferred the title
'Sarasaragna' in recognition of the scholarship and expository skills in the
Grantha Chatushtayam. Drawing upon his years of experience as a teacher for
imparting instruction in Ubhaya Vedanta lore to students / asthikas at all
levels in a traditional way, Sri Bhashya Chandrika has been written taking
into its fold the merits of all earlier commentaries.

About Shri Bhashyam and the Commentary:

"Sri Bhashya? is by no means an easy text- verily the despair of those who
have no grounding in sanskrit language and in sastras like Nyaya, Vaisesika,
Mimamsa, Vyakarana and the Agama literature. ?Swami has made this work
simple enough for the layman demonstrating his expository skills and
methodical perfection without giving up the flavour of the tradition? -
observes Dr. M. Narasimhachary, Professor and Head, Dept of Vaishnavism,
University of  Madras, in his foreword to the first volume of Sri Bhashyam
text and the commentary being released in the first week of June. Sri Swamy
has authored several works both in Sanskrit and Tamil. Mention should be
made of his Tamil work "MummathaSAram"- a brilliant comparative study of
Advaita, Dvaita and Vishishtadvaita.

The Project:

The second volume of the commentary needs a financial assistance of about
Rs. 1.5 lakhs (about $3500). Cost of paper alone accounts for 40% of the
total cost. Asthikas are requested to contribute their mite for this noble
cause so that each one of them can proudly possess an invaluable text &

Remittances can be made to my daughter Smt. Vaidehi Venkatakrishnan, 77
Wyman Street Apt E, Waban, MA 02468, to be remitted to the revered author in
Chennai.  Alternatively, cheques may also be sent individually or
collectively and mailed to Sri.P.M. Chakravarthyacharya, Sri. Desika
Bhavanam, 27, Venkatesa agraharam, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004. Contributors
of $ 50 dollars will be presented with one copy of Vol. 1 now being released
and one copy of Vol. 2 when published. Their assistance will be
appropriately acknowledged.

We request all of you to actively participate in this kainkaryam and be a
part of preserving our age old texts and encouraging literary commentary.


K. Venkatakrishnan


Contributors of $100 will receive a copy of both (Vol2 available when

We need 35 people to contribute $100 each or 70 people to contribute $50
each.  Your contributions are very much welcome.  I will take personal
responsibility to deliver the books to the donors.  I am planning on a trip
to India this August and hope to present this whole amount to Shri Swamy and
bring the copies of the books with me when I come back.


Raja Krishnasamy

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