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Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 05:51:02 PDT

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Dear Sri Raja Krishnaswamy :

Sri U.Ve. Perukkaranai ChakravathyAcchAr Swamy
is a giant oak with roots deep in the Sri Matam
sampradhaayam and a living legend as a great 
scholar with links to four revered Jeeyars of
Ahobila matam ( HH 42nd to 45th Jeeyars) .

It will be  a privelege foradiyEn to support this project 
in the context of the other laudable efforts to bring out 
the great commentaries of AchAryAs and Scholars 
for the benefit of us all , who do not have the traditional
KaalakshEpam route available to us as faraway residents
of USA and other sites away from our  AchAryALs.
The plans to reprint and release Abhinava Desikan ,
Sri UtthamUr Swamy's granthams is a very major effort 
that is underway in this context .  

It will be helpful if Srimathi Nagu Satyan could
transmit these funds as Tax free donations.

AdiyEn would also like to make an important appeal
for the consideration of our Sri Viashnava groups .
When we make these pledges to support such kaimkaryams ,
it would be immensely helpful  to prakrutham AchAryAs 
of one's own AchArya paramparais were to receive an AchArya 
SambhAvanai in the spirit of thankfulness to the illustrious 
blessings that they have conferred on us out for their KaaruNyam .

>From here on , AdiyEn would like to pledge to match dollar 
for dollar any pledge that adiyEn makes for causes like this one 
to adiyEn's own AchAryan for use in  kaimkaryams close
to His ThiruvuLLam . This pledge of mine is made public NOT to
put the spotlight on adiyEn , but to appeal to you
to support kaimkaryams related to your own AchAryAls
in the overall context of support for other laudable 
Kaimkaryams of your choice . This way , we will
have the double benefit of supporting a kaimkaryam
of our choice and at the same time support our
AchAryALs . Some cases , both will converge.

AdiyEn has made four pledges in the past few days:
(1) ThoLukkiniyAn for Thuppul PiLLai on behalf of 
the Thuppul Trust (2) Sri UtthamUr Swamy's granthams 
release (3)The pledge for HH Poundarikapuram Asramam 
RohiNi celebrations for the Month of Kaarthikai (December 11)
in the context of His sathAbhishEka MahOthsavam 
celebrations in the presence of Four great prakrutham 
AchAryAs in March 2001 and ((4) Sri BhAshyam commentary 
release announced today by Sri Raja KrishNaswamy .

AdiyEn has set side these matching funds($460) to transmit 
to my revered AchAryan and humbly appeal to you all to
consider full or partial matching support dollars for our 
AchAryALs , who face a lot of difficulties in meeting 
the day to day expenses of running their matams and carrying
on their hoary traditions in the most sampradhAyic manner .
Our eternal gratitude should always be to them .In this 
context , adiyEn has to accept the fact that adiyen can not
support an appeal unles adiyEn can provide the concomitant
matching funds to adiyEn's own AchAryan. 

Srimath NaarAyaNa YathIndhra MahA DesikAya nama:
Daasan , V.Sadagopan  

>Appeal for financial assistance to publish Vol. 2 of Sri Bhashyam with lucid
>commentary by Sri U. Ve Perukkaranai Chakravarthy Acharya Swamy.
>About the Author:
>Sri U. Ve P.M. Chakvarthyacharya Swamy is now the resident Acharya of
>Desika Bhavanam, Mylapore, Chennai. Sri Swamy studied Niyaya Siromani in
>Tirupati (1944), specialised in Tarka, Vedanta and Sahitya under Uthamoor
>Sri Veeraraghavachar, Sri D.T.Thathacharya Swamy, Sri Neelameghachar and
>Ramanatha Sastrigal. He then came under the tutelage of the Scholar-saint
>H.H 42nd Jeer (Injimedu) Azhagiasingar. He was a teacher & later the
>Principal of Madhurantakam Sanskrit College established by that Jeer. Being
>the Asthana Vidvan of Ahobila Mutt, he is called upon to be examiner and
>chief coordinator of many a vidvat sadas. The Jeer conferred the title
>'Sarasaragna' in recognition of the scholarship and expository skills in the
>Grantha Chatushtayam. Drawing upon his years of experience as a teacher for
>imparting instruction in Ubhaya Vedanta lore to students / asthikas at all
>levels in a traditional way, Sri Bhashya Chandrika has been written taking
>into its fold the merits of all earlier commentaries.

Old school buds here:

           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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