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Re: [Who or what is a "nitya-suri" ?]

From: M.S.HARI (Madabhushi Sarangarajan Hari) (
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 20:18:48 PDT

Dear Shree Raja Krishnasamy,

The sentient souls (Jeevaatmans) are classified into three types namely
1. Badha (tied/bound by their own individual karma which has not date of
2. Muktha (liberated from all karma)
3. Nitya (ever-free from karma - eternally)

The Veda establishes the existence of Nitya Soories in Shree Vaikunta
Paramapadam that is a transcendental divine world totally different from
material world by stating that "Yatra Poorve Saadyaas Santi Devaa:", "Sadaa
Pasyanti Sooraya:".

Though the  Jeevaatmans are classified into such three types, their
nature-reality(Swaroopa) is of same type to all the three types of Jeevaatmans
but the roopa(form) and attributes (knowledge etc) are only different. All
these three types are eternal as far as their existence is concerned. 

The Nitya Sooris are called so because the term "Nitya" indicates that they
are ever-free from karma and were untouched by karma at any time. "Soori"
indicates that they serve (do service) to Lakshmi and Naaraayanan in
Paramapadam as Sheshas and Shine because of their nature. The "Ananda" Biss
that they have is equal to that of Lord and the Mukta Aatmas. Their form is of
Sudha-Satva. To name a few Nitya Sooris, Aadi Shesha, Garuda, Vishvaksena and
so on. There are innumerable nitya soories. They are
with the Lord in Shree Vaikunta as if the their age and Lord's age
are the same but in fact there is no age for Lord and for the souls.
This is to stress only that the nitya soories are eternally with the
Lord in Shree Vaikuntam.

For more details regarding these concepts, please write to me.

Thanks & Regards
M.S.HARI Ramanuja Dasan
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Could some of the learned members of this group explain the real meaning of
who or what a "nitya-suri" is, the root of the word and why one would be
called a "nitya-suri" ?


Raja Krishnasamy

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