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Sri Prahlada via Sanku Karna

From: malola.amaraprabhu dasa (
Date: Tue Jun 06 2000 - 04:31:13 PDT

Dear Devotees of the Lord,

i have two questions regarding Sri Prahlada via Sanku Karna.
Madhvas proofing by quoting Narasimha Purana that Sanku Karna incranated
as Sri Prahlada due to a curse of Brahma. Further they quote Narasimha
Purana that in Kali Yuga Sri Prahlada incarnated as Sri Raghavendra
Tirtha Swamij to bless mandkind.
My question is if Sanku Karna is a resident of Sri Vaikuntha, how he can
be cursed by Brahma?
Second: Sri Vaisnavas see Sri Raghavendra Tirtha Swami as a incarnation
of Sri Prahlada too ?
Thank you very much for help
Your amaraprabhu Dasa
Namo Narayana !

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