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Periya Thirumozhi 9.2- acchO! What an unparalleled beauty!

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Sun Jun 04 2000 - 05:56:02 PDT

Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

ThirumangaiAzhwAr described the sowlabhyam and vathsalya guNA of Emperumaan 
who gave Himself to PaaNdavaas, in the last ten. Now AzhwAr enjoys 
ThirunAgai Emperumaan.. Sundhara vadivan (The Most beautiful Emperumaan) and 
immerses Himself in it. AzhwAr enters into nAyikA Bhavam. She describes her 
suffering here to her friends.

1. Oh my dear friend! This Emperumaan's most beautiful Divine ThirumEni 
shines like the Gold. This Strong chest is like luster of Maragatha stone. 
On that broad chest, the necklace glitters. Is He a Brahmin reciting the 
Vedas? Or Is he a Deva? He looks at me, by bending Himself, and looks at my 
tender breasts too. I wonder what my mother thinks of this! I am scared. 
What an unparalleled beauty of His! aaccharyam!

2. One is not able to realize that this Piraan is none other than the most 
youthful Lord of Thirukkudanthai. He has the red lustrous ChakrA and Conch 
shell (sanghu). This most Beautiful Emperumaan, gorgeous Lord shining with 
His resplendent four hands, standing on His feet with the divine jewellery 
and pearl necklaces, with all young women paying their obeisance at His 
Lotus Feet. What an unparalleled beauty of His! aaccharyam!

3. This Swami, the One who measured the whole Universe, is the Lord of 
Thirumeyyam. Oh My dear friend! What compassionate divine eyes like the red 
lotus flowers! He is with His thousand shoulders shining like the huge 
mountains. He adorns His shoulders with the golden bangles. What an 
unparalleled beauty of His! aaccharyam!

4. He wears most fragrant Thirutthuzhaay garland around His neck; He also 
has the strong ChakrA and the Divine Sanghu (Conch) in His hands; He has 
great love and care for us. He, out of His own free will, has come to our 
place and stands. He is the most youthful Emperumaan. His mouth is like the 
reddish coral. He is the Lord of everyone. One compares His most beautiful 
ThirumEni to the red coral (sem pavazham). What an unparalleled beauty of 
His! aaccharyam!

5. He has ThiruvuRaiyoor and Thirukkoodal as His place of residence. He is 
the Lord and the king. He stands like the Chakravartthi. He has four strong 
shoulders like huge mountains. We have never seen Him before. Let Him live 
long for hundreds of years. Speaking of His gorgeous beauty, He stands like 
the huge, vast, deep blue ocean. He stands with the chakra on one hand and 
sanghu on the other. What an unparalleled beauty of His! aaccharyam!

6. Is He the strong king. who broke the tusk of that angry Kuvalayaapeetam? 
I am afraid His place of stay is the minds of women (devotees). It appears 
He has given himself to them. I do not know that. But I know one thing. Look 
at those lovely graceful lotus flower like eyes. He stands like that most 
Youthful Lord who kicked Kamsan. He stands like the anjana mountain, so 
beautiful. What an unparalleled beauty of His! aaccharyam.

7.  Is He parama krupaakaran (Most merciful Lord) like the Sun that makes 
the lotus bud bloom? I don't know. My heart automatically pays obeisance to 
Him. His eyes are like the lustrous red lotus flowers. Those Hands- look at 
them. They are also like a pair of red lotus flowers. That broad chested 
ThirumEni is like the blue hued cloud in the sky. What an unparalleled 
beauty of His! aaccharyam.

8. This Lord, who lives on his own, happily at ThirulalirunchOlai, and now 
he has come on His own into my eyes and my mind and will never ever leave 
me. He lives here as if he is there at Thiruneermalai. I am not able to tell 
as to who He is. He shines like huge dark clouds on the golden hued 
mountain. Look at Him by yourself. What an unparalleled beauty of His! 

9. He stands as the most wonderful Lord, as the One who reclined on a Banyan 
leaf, having all the worlds in his stomach. I am not able to comprehend His 
"maayai". He stands like huge mountain and dark clouds. His divine eyes and 
mouth are like the most fragrant red lotus flowers. He is worshipped by 
Nithya sooris. What an unparalleled beauty of His! aaccharyam

10. This ten is about the Lord of ThirunAgai - Sundhara vadivudaiyaan, who 
appeared once as Hamsam, Varaaham, Mathsyam and other avtaars. This is sung 
by the king of Thirumangai. This ten is chaste Tamil and those who read them 
will first rule this words as great kings and then enter into SrivaikunTam, 
living with Nithya sooris, enjoying every moment.

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam


Narayana Narayana
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