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Shri krishna Home pages

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sat Jun 03 2000 - 19:52:43 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

Sri Haresh Balasubramanian  of Singapore is a devout 
Shri KrishNa BhakthA .He has put together an asthetically 
appealing and content rich home pages for Lord KrishNA . 
The pictures assembled there along with the text are of
a high caliber .

The URL for these growing home pages is: 

The summary of content is as follows:

2. Foreword
3. Life of BhagavAn KrishNA
4. Sri RukmaNi kalyANam
5. Literature on Shri KrishNA
   ** VishNu PurANam ..Sri M.S.Hari
   ** MahA BhAratham.. Dr.N.S.Ananatha RangAcchAr
   ** VisishtAdvaitha Intepretation of GitA..V.SadagOpan
   ** VedAntha Desikan & His works on Lord KrishNA
   ** YadhAvAbhudayam ..Sri M.S.hari
   ** Taathparya ChandrikA..Sri M.S.Hari
6. Bhagavath GitA : An Introduction..V.Sadagopan
7.Worshipping Sri KrishNA: HH PoundarIkapuram Srimath Andavan
8.Devotees of Shri KrishNA: Episodes form PurANAs& IthihAsAs
  ** ParAsarA, VyAsA and Sukha Brahmam 
  ** BhIshmAchAryAL
  ** ArjunA
  ** SudhAmA
  ** AmbharIshA
  ** Droupathi 

9.Devotees of Sri KrishNA : AzhwArs and AchAryALs
  ** PeriyAzhwAr
  ** ANDAL
  ** NammAzhwAr
  ** Yaamuna Muni
  ** RaamAnujA
  ** Swamy Desikan

10.AzhwAr Paasurams
   ** ThiruppAvai.. Sri BhUvarAhAcchAr Swamy
   ** NeerAtta Paasurams .. V.Sadagopan
   ** NammAzhwAr .. Sri MaadhavakkaNNan
   ** Mukuntha MaalA ..V.Sadagopan
   ** GopAla Vimsathy..V.Sadagopan

Please visit these pages and record your comments/suggestions
in the guest section . Sri Haresh Balasubramanyan hopes
to complete quite a bit of the remaining sections by
this year's GokulAshtami.

Thanks very much ,

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           - SrImate rAmAnujAya namaH -
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