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Saranagathi Vol.03.006

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 18:52:29 PDT

Dear BhakthAs :

The sixth volume of Saranagathi Journal has
been released today . The contents and the editorial
is attached for your information.

Any one who wishes to receive the saranagathi Journal issues
are requested to send a note to

The readership has now risen to the 300 level.
Future articles on VaikAnasa AagamA are 
getting readied inview of the earlier
interest to know the unique aspects of
VaikAnasa AagamA versus PaancharAthra AagamA .

Best wishes,
>VOL :  03.006                                         21.May.2000
>In this  Issue:
>1.  Editorial
>2.  AdhvaithA  &   VisishtAdhvaithA on"Tat  Tvam Asi"- Part 3/3
>    - Sri M.S. Hari
>3.  The Role of Guru in Spiritual sAdhaNA - Sri  Anantha  RangAchAr
>4.  Bhisma  Sthuthi -  Part 2   -   Sri Purisai  KrishnamAchAriAr's
>    commentary
>5.  What is  in this week? List of festivals and events, this week
>1.  Editorial
>Dear BhakthAs:
>We  place  in your hands the sixth issue of Volume 3, which houses
>three articles.
>The first one is the third of the three part series on  the  vEdha
>MahA VAkyam, Tat Tvam asi by Sri M.S.Hari of Singapore. It is very
>important  for  us  to  understand  clearly  how  Sri  VaishNavite
>AchAryAs  have  shed  light on the true meanings of this and other
>vEdha  MahA  VAkyams.  The  second  article  is  by  Dr.N.S.Anatha
>RangAcchAr Swamy about the indispensable role of a SadAchAryan  in
>spiritual  pursuits leading upto Moksham. The third article is the
>second  of  the  series  on  BhIshma  Sthuthi   by   Sri   Purisai
>KriahNamAcchAr Swamy, the SampAdhakar of Nrusimha PriyA.
>We   are   happy   to   announce   the   forthcoming  postings  by
>Dr.S.M.S.Chari on the  Upanishadic  underpinnings  of  SaraNAgathi
>doctrine.  Dr.S.M.S.Chari  is  the disciple of one of the greatest
>Sri VaishNava AchAryALs of recent times, Sri Goshtipuram Swamy.
>adiyEn, Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri Sadagopan, Editor

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