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Stotra ratna contd.

From: sriram suresh (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 07:58:18 PDT

Respected members,
                  Slokhas 51 to 54 of yaamunaacharya's stotraratna are as 
follows :-

slokha 51 :-

Tad aham tvad-rte na naathavaan
mad-rte tvam dayaniiyavaaan na ca ;
vidhi-nirmitam etam anvayam
bhagavan! paalaya maa sma jiihapah.

Therefore , without you Iam lost for a Lord, and without me you are lost for 
a worthy recipient for your compassion.Preserve, O Lord! this relation (of 
your Lordship and my pitiableness),which is ordained by fate, and spurn me 

slokha 52 :-

Vapuraadisu yo'api ko'api vaa
gunatao'asaani yathaa tathaa vidhah;
tad ayam tava paada-padmayoh
aham ad'ya'iva mayaa samarpitah.

Whatever might be the nature of the body and the organs Iam endowed with 
according to the Gunas of Prakrti, Iam offering them this very moment at 
your lotus-feet, as also what is denoted as 'I' in me.

slokha 53 :-

Mama naatha! yad asti yo'asmy aham
sakalam taddhi tav'aiva maadhava!;
niyatasvam iti prabuddha-dhiih
athavaa kim nu samarpayaami te.

O Lord! Whatever I have, whatever I am,all these,verily, are your own 
already. What then shall i offer you? O Madhavaa! being thus awakened to the 
consciousness that all these are your own inalienable property, there is 
nothing left for me to offer.

slokha 54 :-

Avabodhitavaan imam yathaa
mayi nityaam bhavadiiyataam svayam;
krpay'aivam ananya bhogyataam
bhagavan!bhaktim api prayaccha me.

As you,yourself have awakened in me this consciousness of being eternally 
yours, so too, O Lord, grant me, out of compassion, that Bhakti which is of 
the nature of enjoying you and you alone.

Sri Krishnaarpanamasthu


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