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From: padmini ranganathan (
Date: Thu Jul 29 1999 - 11:40:06 PDT

Dear AtmabandhUs,

I think the best way of celebrating any AchAryar's
thirunakshattiram is by way of remembering them fondly
and being grateful to them for their kindness towards us.
I am highly thankful to everyone who has written about
swAmi AlavandAr. (who got that name after the queen
called out "ennai AlavandIrO" to him, following his
victory over the pandita, in a challenge).

Particularly, I am very much impressed by the way of his
"naichyAnusandhAnam" as Sri. MAdhavakannan, has mentioned
the slokam,
"amaryAda: kshudra: chalamati: asUyAprasavabhU:,
 krtaghna: durmAnI smaraparavashO vanchanapara:
 nrshamsO pApisTha: kathamihamitO dukhajaladhE:
 apArAduttIrna: tavaparicharEyam charanayO:

In this context, I remember a story told by my AchAryar,KOtikanyAdAnam 
Sri.U.Ve.Krishna Tatachariar swamy, during his kAlashEpam.

ParAsara Bhattar used to go the temple everyday,to have the darshana of
Lord Ranganatha. Whenever he visited the Lord, he would wear all the
golden AbharanAs he had with him. A yAchaka, who was waiting to get
some favour from Bhattar, used to follow him everyday to the temple &
would praise him heavily. But Bhattar paid no atention to him. He got
frustrated one day & when Bhattar stood before the Lord & was reciting
this slokam, this yAchaka, who was waiting to take a revenge on him
starting telling,"bADham" i.e. "yes" after every word Bhattar
uttered.Bhattar was immensely pleased & took out a ratnahAram he was
wearing  & handed over to him. The yAchaka was confused & asked 
Bhattar,"Sir, when I was praising you, you ignored me, 
but when I accused you, you gave me this hAram. May I know  the reason?
For that, Bhattar  told " I was angry with  you since you were bluffing
that I am like that. this... etc all these days. But today I  am
pleased by the truth you  told by telling "yes" &  agreeing that I am
amaryAda: etc etc."

AlavandAr thiruvadigale sharanam
RAmAnuja dAsI

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