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Introduction and (Morality and Spirituality)

From: Naveena Subramanyam (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 09:22:10 PDT

     Dear members
     I would like to introduce myself to this Bhakti list.  I am going 
     through the questions, answers and comments on this list and I want to 
     be a part of this by asking a simple question.
     What is the difference between Morality and Spirituality?  To be 
     elaborate, if a person is an atheist and still lead his life in a 
     moral way by helping and understanding others,and due to this good 
     karma will he be interested in spiritual values in the next birth or 
     is he simply going to enjoy the good karma and will never be brought 
     into spiritual platform?
     Naveena Subramanyam