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RE: Sandhyavandanam & Kainkaryams

From: Krishna Kalale (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 18:02:48 PDT

Dear friends,

I am very happy to see that smt Padmini Ranganathan is writing on the 
network, since it gives the whole bhakti-list community direct access to 
Dr. N.S Anantharangachar who is one of my gurus.  Dr. Anantha rangachar has 
written about 50-60 books on Visistadvaita : (on both Tamil and Sanskrit 
works) and is now going to be completing "Ramanuja Sukti Muktavali", a 
treatise on Ramanuja's philosophy in his own words.

Dr. Anantharangachar has the unique distinction of lecturing on "the 
complete works of Samkara" - a series of lectures on the whole of Samkara 
Bhasyas on all major works of Sri Samkaracharya in Bangalore - Bharatiya 
Vidya Bhavan.    He has done this series for 4 times for the last 30 years. 
 This is probably a rare feat even among advaitins who have traditionally 
belonged to that school.  Similarly, he has spent a number of years - FULL 
TIME on our philosophy.  Unlike many others, Dr. Anantharangachar studied 
Sanskrit and Philosophy,  became a Principal of Sanskrit College in 
Karnataka and continued his research, writing and teaching activities 
focussing on only ubhayavedantam.  Many others do this kind of work on a 
part time basis. He is living a life closer to the ideal path even in these 
days of competition and degradation of dharma. Dr. Anantharangachar has 
another rare distinction of being very accessible to people who request him 
to teach .  This amount of knowledge and accessibility is almost like 
paratvam and saulabhyam, which is a rare combination of attributes of our 
lord Srimannanaryana.  I request smt. Padmini Ranganathan to do the 
kainkaryam of  facilitation between the network folks and Dr. 
Anantharangachar (who being about 80 years old may not find it convenient 
to communicate via email on a regular basis)

adiyen krishna kalale