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Acharya Rathnaharam Image

From: Sheela Belur (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 08:13:30 PDT

Dear Shrivaishnavas:

A picture of Shrivaishnava Acharya Rathnaharam is available for interested 
Bhakti group members to download/print/use at the following URL:
This contains the picture of Swami Alavandar(Yaminacharya) whose 
thirunakshtram is today(7/28/99) at the third place starting from 
Udeyawar at the bottom most(pendant place). Sorry that the names are not 
clearly visible at the first attempt to scan the relatively big picture 
that I have. Will try to upload a clearer one soon.


Sriranganayaki - Ramanuja Dasi