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From: padmini ranganathan (
Date: Wed Jul 28 1999 - 10:57:21 PDT

Dear prapannAs,

Such a nice reply from Sri.Mani! It is indeed very true
that Sandhyavandanam & bhagavathkainkaryam are not two
different things. Both are his service only. 

Not only SandhyAvandanam, each & everything a prapanna
does, is His kainkaryam only, becos' a prapanna should
not do any kAmyakarma, since both punya & pApa are obstacles to him.
Both are a binding, for a prapanna.

As swamy DEsikan says,"kArAgrihE kanakasrinkhalayApi 
bandha:" Imprisonment is imprisonment even though bound
by golden strings. So are punya & pApa to a prapanna.
punya is like binding with a golden string & pApa with an ordinary
metal string. Both involve us in samsAra.

He can attain mOksha, only after he is free from punya 
& pApa.

"punyapApe vidhUya niranjana: paramam sAmyam upaithi."

In a nut shell, as Sri.Mani told, everything including 
nitya naimittika karmas are also  bhagavatkainkaryam & 
it is the "swroopam" of a prapanna.

BhAgavatha charana dAsI

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