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Sandhyavandanam & Kainkaryams

From: padmini ranganathan (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 12:00:18 PDT

Dear members,

Please forgive me for sneaking into this list, with my
ignorance. It is like a crow entering a group of swans.
But I am inspired to write something.Please bear with my personal

Reg. Sandyhavandanam, I fully agree with what Sri. Muralidhar says that
 kainkaryams take only precedence, but can't replace Sandyhavandanam &

Undoubtedly, Sandyhavandanam, is a must. It is the Ajna
which our shAstrAs give. It has to be followed as told. But regarding
kainkaryams, we can do it according to our taste & will.

"SAatram sankalpitta idattil yathA sAstramAi
 SAstram vikalpitta  idattil yathA ruchiyAy kadavathu."
as told in Rahasyatrayasaram- shAstraniyamanAdhikAram.

Also as the Lord himself says,

Shrithi: Smrti: mamaivAjnA yastAm ullanghya vartate
AjnAcchedI mama drOhI madbhaktOpi na vaishnava:

Shruti & Smrti are my orders. If anyone violates them,
I dont consider them as vaishnavas, even though they
are my devotees.

But it doesnt apply for Azhwars since they were totally
immersed in his love. We have heard that Nammazhwar used to recite one
pAsuram & faint for almost 6 months in Bhagavadanubhavam. They are not
touched by sin whether or not they follow these things.

atyanta bhakti yuktAnAm, na shAtram naiva bandhanam!!

No shAstra or bandhana applies to them who are
highly devotional.

please correct me where ever I am wrong.

RAmAnuja dAsI

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