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Periya Thirumozhi 4.7- " aa! aa! ivan adiyaan enRu aruLaayE!"

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Tue Jul 27 1999 - 03:15:06 PDT


Dearest Sisters and Brothers,

“Alas! I need to live with Nithyasuris at Srivaikuntam. But, I am here
suffering, and  caught as a target of five senses. EmperumaanE! Please save 
me from here, remove my samsaaric afflictions and sorrows!”  Says AzhwAr in 
4.7 of Periya Thirumozhi. Yet another marvelous ten from Nam Kaliyan.

1. AzhwAr enjoys ThirumEni azhagu of Emperumaan!- Oh Lord! the
One who has the vast dark blue hued Divine Body, which is so
appealing and attractive to our eyes! The unparalleled One who shows Himself 
so gracefully at the Divya Desam of ThiruveLLakkuLam of Thirunaangoor, which 
is surrounded by tall strong ramparts, and where strong warriors who fight 
in the battlefield and conquer the enemies! ANNA! Please remove adiyEn’s 
sorrows!” (“aNNA! adiyEn idaraik kaLaiyaayE!”)

2. AzhwAr enjoys the beauty of the Lord wearing Thirutthuzhaay malai..
Oh Emperumaane! The One who wears the thuLasi maalai (garland)
On Your head! Oh Lord! the One who resides permanently at Thiru-
VeLLakkuLam, where great, unboundedly famous Brahmins live
and where red lotus flower filled ponds are seen everywhere!
My Swami! My Father! Please alleviate my sufferings!”
(enthaay! AdiyEn idaraik kaLaiyaayE!”)

3. Oh Lord! the One who lifted the huge Govardhana tree to protect
the cattle from torrential rains! The Lord who stands at ThiruveLLa
kkuLam, where Vedic scholars (who perform nithya anushtanams well!-
“nanRaaya perumpugazh vEdhiyar’) reside, and where evryone goes
to pay their obeisance to You! Oh Lord of limitless, greatest virtues!
Please remove my sufferings! (“nediyaay! adiyEn idar neekkE!”

4. Oh the Manly elephant! The One who broke the tusk of 
Kuvalayaapeetam	elephant! The One who shows Himself so gracefully at 
ThiruveLLakkuLam which is surrounded by most beautiful honey dripping 
gardens! Oh Lord! Please bless me!  (“adiyEnukku aruL puriyaayE!”)

5. Oh most shining Lord! the One who stands on the ThiruvEmkata
mountain, easily accessible to all for paying their obeisance!
Oh Lord! the One who is at ThiruveLLakkuLam, surrounded
by cool tender, greenery gardens! Please remove the karmic
diseases of mine, the one who always sings in praise of You
and reaches You! (“paadaa varuvEn vinaiyaayina paaRRE!”

6. Oh EmperumaanE! The One who built the bridge across
the Ocean with mountains! Oh Wealthy Lord! the One residing at
ThiruveLLakkuLam, where good, nice people live in! Please bless me
to remove my sufferings completely! (“ellaa idarum kedumaaRu aruLaayE!”

7. Oh The Primordial Chief! The Chief of Cowherd folks!
The One who holds a stick and took care
of cattle! The One who holds me as Your own.. and captured me
completely! EmperumaanE! Periyaay! The One who is at
ThiruveLLakkuLam, where Brahmins knowing four vedas,
live in and where the place is surrounded by paddy fields!
Please bless adiyEn to remove my terrible sins! (:”maalE!
en valvinai theertthu aruLaayE!”)

8. The Lord! who had brought the earth form troubled waters
back on Your horn as the Greatest Varaaha rUpI! Bhaktha
jana vaathsalyaa! The Most compassionate NarayananE!
Insatiable nectar! (ArAamudhE!-) the One who is at
ThiruveLLakkuLam, which is surrounded by most
beautiful gardens! Please bless adiyEn! (ArAamudhE!
AdiyERkku aruLaayE!)

9. Oh EmperumaanE! The One who has Periya PiraaTTi
seated in Lotus flower resides and adorns Your chest!
Lord (DevA!_ of ThiruveLLakkuLam, which is quite
popular and famous among people and are always
uttered and praised by them! Please take pity on me
saying “aiyO! my daasan is suffering from samsaaric
afflictions!”. (aa! Aa! adiyaan ivan! enRu aruLaayE!)

10. This ten is on the wealthiest Lord of ThiruveLLakkuLam
where devoted, brahmins live in large numbers. This was
sung by Thirumangai Kaliyan, who has got strong shoulders.
Those who are able to recite them (or read these meanings)
Will be praised by others and join the band of NithyarsUris.
(vallar ena vallavar vaanavar thaamE)

ThirumangaiAzhwAr ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam

Narayana Narayana

Narayana dAsan Madhavakkannan

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