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A request

From: Rangarajan S R (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 21:12:41 PDT

SrI Lakshminrusimha ParabrahmaNE namaha
SrI Lakshminrusimha dhivya pAdhukA sEvaka SrIvaN-
ShatakOpa SrI nArAyaNa yatheendra mahAdhEShikAya namaha

Dear bhagavathas,

My impression so far has been that a majority of the members of the bhakthi list

are in USA/Singapore/other foreign countries.
No praise is too high for these members living in alien countries, so far away
from home,
yet sparing so much of time and effort for the cause of our sampradayam.

Some of the members of this list (like me) are in India.

Such of us are also very much interested in contributing to the various
for which help of some form is solicited in this list.

But most of the time, the appeals include only addresses in USA for
I guess that people/organizations operating from these addresses then
to a corresponding address in India.

May I please suggest that in cases where the Indian address in known,
the mail soliciting for contributions also include the Indian address?

Also if it is a request for monetary contribution it would be of intererst to us
to know to 
whom Indian cheques should be made payable to.

This would give us a chance to contribute our efforts however small.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the untimely interruption.


PS: There have been times when the Indian address have been mentioned
Also, where there have not been mentioned, bhagavathas have immediately 
responded to private mails querying for the same.