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SandhyAvandhanam - Bhagavadhkainkaryam

From: Valathur Muralidharan (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 16:20:10 PDT

Shri Venkatesh
The interpretation that you had given to Azhvaar's paasuram was indeed
surprising !

" What is the use of doing sandhyAvandhanam and other such karmAs when
perumAL kainkaryam gets the priority and importance"

Its true Perumal Kainkaryam gets a priority over Sandhyavandhanam. That's
only in a comparitive sense.  When it is Sandhya kaalam and at the same time
if you have to perumal Kaimkaryam, then  give preference to Kaimkaryam but
still you need to perform your sandhyavandhanam with Prayachistham.  You
still need to perform but could not neglect it.  Is that not the reason why
it is called as "Nithya anushtanam" ? 

No words could explain the importance of Gayathri japam.  The learned
members of this list should be able to explain much more.  Adiyen being
ignorant would like to just keep it short. It is Vedas that help us the
identify Emperuman.  As we are not capable of doing all the veda adhyayana,
Mother Gayathri recites them for us(the three veda during the three sandhya
kaalams) and  we do Gayathri japam or indirectly praise Emperuman with those
Vedas.  Is that not why you call the upanayam as "Brahmoupadesam" - Calling
you closer to show and understand the brahmam ?

The best standing example is none other than Emperumaan in Vamana Avatharam.
The reason behind he undergoing the Upanayanam and Brahmoupadesam is to only
insist the importance of the samaskara.  Emperumaan continued this shining
example as Rama(Ref: Balagandam as well Yuddha Kandam where Aditya Hrudyam
is being refferred) and further in his Krishna Avatra (Refer Story of
Kandharva who distracted Krishna from Sandhyavandhanam). Is that not why we
say "Yagnobhavitham PARAMAM pavithram" ? The prefix "Parama" or the most
sacred one is given to the superlative - Paramapurusha , Paramathma and

Adiyen if truly of the opinion that Kaimkaryam takes only precedence but
cannot replace Sandhyavandhanam and Japam.