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Nigraha vs. Anugraha Sankalpa. Was: Is karma transferrable?

From: Murali Kadambi (
Date: Mon Jul 26 1999 - 11:36:53 PDT

Dear Esteemed BhAgawatas,
Regarding the karma issue and it (karma) being nothing more than the
nigraha or anugraha sankalpa of bhagawAn, I have a question.  Here is a
portion of the e-mail written by Smt. Padmini.

--- padmini ranganathan <> wrote:
> After all, what are punya & pApa? They are only the
> will of the Lord to
> reward or punish according to  the good or bad deeds
> of a person. i.e.
> Iswara anugraha or
> Iswara nigraha.

Is it true an individual's accrued puNya and the resulting rewards are
because of Iswara's anugraha?  I always thought that both puNya and
paapa were results of Iswara nigraha, and only when a devotee
relinquishes his/her interest in puNya (and of course paapa -- who
would want that?) and surrenders to the Lord does the Lord's anugraha
sankalpa set in.  In other words, is it not true that only prapatti can
trigger the Lord's true anugraha and the result of that anugraha is
brahma-prApti (attainment of brahma)? Even the good times one
experiences here on this earth as a result of one's own good karmAs are
infact one aspect of Iswara's nigraha sankalpa.

Well, looking from another point of view, Iswara always works in the
best interests of the jeeva, so in that sense, any sankalpa of Iswara
towards the jeeva would be anugraha, would it not?

Please view this as a question from an ignorant soul.

|| sarvam sree krSNArpaNam ||

-- aDiyEn, murali kadambi

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