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Swami Desikan's Sri VaishNava Dinasari: Part 2.2(paasurams: 7-10)

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 17:59:39 PDT

Until now , we covered the the three sections 
from abhigamanam , upAdhAnam to Ijyai. The ThiruvArAdhanam
takes place after MaadhyAhnika SandhyA-Vandhanam 
and ends up with the partaking of PrasAdhams
offered to the Lord at the ijyai by the Sri vaishnavan
and his family.

Before we go on to the fourth observances for the day ,
SvAdhyAyam ,I wish to mention that the ThiuvArAdhanam for 
the Lord in the most Saastraic manner has been recorded in
the forthcoming AchArya RaamAnujA CD ROM . The items
included with graphics and animation are : BhUtha suddhi,
MaanasIka ArAdhanam ,Paathra Parikalpanam (the proper placement
of the vessels used in AarAdhanam )and the various steps of
the AarAdhanam such as (1)manthrAsanam (2)SnAnAsanam 
(3)alankArAsanam (4) manthra pushpam (5)BhOjyAsanam 
(6) punar ManthrAsanam and (7) ParyankAsanam . SaatthumuRai
for the ThiruvArAdhanam is also included in this section .
The users of the CD ROM will enjoy the sight of the traditional
Sri VaishNava AarAdhanam in front of the Lord . Delay in
the release of this CD ROM by two or three weeks is due to
the final checks in the ThiruvArAdhanam for its authenticity 
by the Aaradhakar of Sri Lakshmi Nrusimhan of AhObila Matam .
That final check would take place at Bangalore during 
the first week of August in preparation for the release of 
the final version of the CD ROM on AchArya RaamAnujA
during the end of August.We have been toiling on this
kaimkaryam for nearly an year now to make sure that
this innovative CD ROM , the first of its kind for
the Sri VaishNavAs will be not only asthetic but also
be accurate in its authenticity .

We will now cover the last four verses of Sri Vaishnava Dinasari.
The first two verses are devoted to the fourth section , 
SvAdhyAyam and the last two vrses are for Yogam .

(7) SvAdhyAyam: The Sri VaishNavAs partake the PrasAdham 
enjoyed earlier by the Lord and spend their time thereafter
sweetly reflecting on the noble meanings of the three rahasyams
( Thiru Manthiram , Dhvayam and Charama slOkam ) as taught to
them by their AchAryAs.They recognize these three rahasyams
as the distilled essence of the VedAs .

(8)SvAdhyAyam: Joyous spending of their time :
After reflections on the three rahasyams ,the Sri VaishNavAs
recite Sri VishNu Sahasra Naamams , excerpts from IthihAsams
and Saathvika PurANams and the aruLiccheyaLs ( blessed
Sri Sookthis ) of the twelve AzhwArs . They will recite them and
will also explain their esoteric meanings to fellow
Sri VaishNavAs .This aspect of Dinasari is known as 
SvAdhyAyam and takes place upto evening 
SandhyAvandhanam and thereafter.

(9)Yogam: After SvAdhyAyam , the Sri VaishNavan engages 
in the fifth and the last observance for the day known 
as Yogam .He knows that Brahma dEvan writes on the skulls of 
the jeevan at birth about what that jeevan with dEham 
will experience(bhOgams and sorrows) as a result of 
his poorva karmAs . Unlike the one without VairAgyam , 
the mature Sri VaishNavan rejects the perishable 
pleasures (alpa sukhams) and goes after the lasting 
pleasure of attachment to the Lord's sacred feet 
and thereby discredits the Brahma Lipi (the writings of 
Brahma dEvan on his skull).These blessed Sri VaishNavaas 
have unceasing rememberance(dhruva smruthi) of the Lord's 
sacred feet and consider that experience as their joyous 
nourishment.They engage in Yogam on the Lord's subhAsrayam 
( the meditation on the Lord's divine and auspicious 
ThirumEni, which chases away the sins and is easy to 
think about).They consider that as their ancient 
(pithru paithAmaham dhanam)treasure and reject 
the rest of the evanescent pleasures of the world .

(10) Yogam: The status achieved by the One observing Yogam :

As their meditation (dhyAna yOgam ) progresses , their
mind is inundated with waves of Aanandham (aanandha lahari),
their mind melts ,they experience horripulation and their
eyes turn inward (the height of Yogic saadhanA)and they
are immersed in that ecstatic state. This total engagement
in the aanandhAnubhavam resulting from the enjoyment of 
Lord VaradrAjA's ThirumEni is reognized as Yogam .
After that practise of Yogam , they pray to Lord VaradarAjan 
to place His lotus feet on their heads 
and experience sleep until the next dawn.

Swami Desikan ThiruvadigaLE SaraNam ,
Daasan , Oppiliappan Koil VaradAchAri SadagOpan