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Swami Desikan's Sri VaishNava Dinasari: Part 2.1

From: Sadagopan (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 17:59:28 PDT

Paasurams 1&2 of Sri VaishNava Dinasari (Abhigamanam): 

(1)The dear devotees of Sri VaradarAjan's sacred feet 
   recite Hari, Hari, Hari,Hari, Hari , Hari , Hari
   (a total of Seven times )with Bhakthi immediately after 
   waking up from sleep at dawn . This way , their mind becomes 
   tranquil .   This is an ancient prctise observed by 
   Sri VaishNavAs.

Comments: Swami Desikan states that the darkness of sleep
had enveloped us during the night and after that is chased
away , we should recite with reverence and affection the name
of Hari seven times .

(2)Abhigaman Prapatthi: The just awakened BhagavathAs have 
nirvEdam (repentance) over the time wasted due to the power
of the KarmAs and compose themselves first and then pray
to the Lord to bless them with the boon of uninterrupted 
Kaimkaryam to Him during the rest of the day . They seek
tranquility and seelk refuge at His sacred feet with 
Manas , Vaak and Kaayam (Mind, Speech and Body)in the Vedic 
manner to derive solace and joy.

Comments: The exact words used by Swami Desikan here are:
" Mahizh maRai neRi kodu tani mudaladi iNai adaibhavar TamarE ".
The HaridAsAs are sluted as Thamars or Bhagavathars.
Their method of approach of the Lord is the Veda maargam,
that generates Joy . The tools that they use to perform
this Abhigamana prapatthi are their Mind , Vaak and Body.

(3)UpAdhAnam :The Sri VaishNavan collects flowers , prasAdham
(naivEdhyam ) and water for Thirumanjanam , arkhyam, aachamaneeyam, 
paadhyam for the AarAdhanam of the Lord and understands clearly that 
all of the SaamagriyAs acquired by him are to please the Lord and 
not for them (na mama). 

Comments: Swami Desikan says in this context: "Malar mathi
adiyavar yemathu ala yena aRibavar ". He explains that 
the Bhagavatha Sri VaishNavan marked by fully blossomed Jn~Anam
becomes joyous over the thought that all the AarAdhana SaamagriyAs
collected by him with Love is for the arpaNam to the Lord and
not for him .

(4)UpAdhAnam:The dhArmic way to acquire the AarAdhana SaamagriyAs:
The acquisition of the material for the AarAdhanam of the Lord 
has to be done by the strict ways laid out by the SaasthrAs .
Following these injunctions, Sri Vaishnavan will not ever receive
any offering for AarAdhanam from one , who has swerved from
the righteous ways .He will not acquire the material for 
AarAdhanam by pursuing unrighteous ways.

Comments: Swami's words here are: "aRa neRi ilan yevan
aNuhilum aNuhilar"( The Sri VaishNavan will stay far away
from adharmic persons , when they approach him and offer 
material for Bhagavath AarAdhanam ). " thuRai alathu yenum
oru thuRai paDuhilar " ( They will not travel in any path
that is not righteous during their upAdhAnam realted activities ). 

(5)Ijyai:The Sri Vaishnavan will perform Thirumanjanam 
for Sri VaradarAjan and offer all other upachArams according
to their sakthi (ability )in the proper manner prescribed by
the Aagamams and present to Him naivEdhyams ( different kinds
of tasty food and drinks )that would please the heart of th Lord.

Comments: Swami Desikan salutes these BhagavathAs as " Sezhu
mathi adiyavar " ( The bhagavathAs with fully developed Jn~Anam).
These BhagvathAs will peform "kuLi mudhal kirisaikaL "
( UpachArams like Thirumanjanam ) and offer " teLi punal
amudhu " ( Sweet and pure water as well as adisil/paayasam 
et al ).

6. Ijyai: The flood of Affection during Bhagavath AarAdhanam

When BhaagavathAs perform AarAdhanam for the Lord ,they 
invite Lord VaradarAjan as the dearest relative (Bhandhu)
and are elated over that thought .They will offer salutations
and upachArams to Him as though He is the young Prince , who
rules the entire land .They will express their affection to
Him as a parent , who relates to his son , who was born after
a long period of penance (tapas).They will be elated like the one,
who sees a majestic male elephant in rut inthe forest .They 
will be filled with pride like the owner of a rare and prceious
gem stone.With all these joyous feelings gushing out of every 
fiber of their body and mind , the Sri VaishNavAs present 
SaamagriyAs acquired in the most sAstraic manner to their Lord 
and offer upachArams and NaivEdhyams. This manner of performing
AarAdhanam is known as ijyA .

Comments: The moving words used by Swami Desikan to describe 
the Lord , who has arived at the Sri VaishNavan's house 
to receive the AarAdhanam is " aruhu aNai iRaivan " ( the Lord
who sits right next to the BhAgavathan in response to his
invitation to accept his AarAdhanam  with ease 
and grace).

The great poet that Swami desikan is in Tamil, 
Sanskrit and PrAkrutham rhymes his salutation 
to this "aruhu iNai iRaivan" in this paasurm as 
" aru vilai maNi yena adiyavar adaibhavar
  aru kaNai iRaivanai aru kaNaiudanE "

Swami points out in a state of joy over the thought
of the AarAdhanm performed by the adiyavars (VishNu dAsAs)
and his words match beautifully. The Lord is the priceless 
gem ( aru vilai maNi ); He is the Soulabhyan (easy of
access) sitting with grace and ease next to the Sri VaishNavan
to accept his AarAdhanam (aruhu aNai iRaivan). He is 
the aruhil amarnthuLLa EmperumAn . Swami Desikqan rhymes 
further and says that the Sri VaishNavan surrenders himself 
at the sacred feet of the Lord with the SaamagriyAs 
acquired with love for the ThiruvArAdhanam ( arukaNai
udan adiyavar adaibhavar).The "aruhu iNai iRaivan '
is approached with "arukanai" by the ecstatic Sri Vaishnavan
during his AarAdhanam .ArukaNai means the vasthus 
assembled with love for the ThiruvArAdhanam (ijyai).           
(To be continued)