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plight of archakas!

From: padmini ranganathan (
Date: Sun Jul 25 1999 - 09:54:40 PDT

Dear Res. Bhagavatas,

How true it is,that the archakas of many temples are in a very bad
state! But in the divyadesham,
Thalaichenga naanmadiam,(near thirunaangoor), not only is the arckakar
swamy, very old & 
in a very poor condition, but our mother, sAkhAt MahAlakshmI, the
Goddess of wealth, was in
 a torn saree(an year  before, when we visited).It really brings tears
of blood to anybody's
eyes. It is really my ignorance &it is a  a crime that , even after
viewing that from my own eyes, I 
was silent. (other than offering one or two sarees). But Res. Balaji &
some others, have
taken up the matter seriously & opened our eyes.. I am really proud of
all of them &  feel that,it is our duty  to contribute in the way he
has suggested to do something for the archakas .

Archakastu HarissAkshAt!!!


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