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Re: Recent Contributions Disbursed through Srivaishnava Seva Samithi (SVSS)

From: muralidhar rangaswamy (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 14:17:25 PDT


SrimatE Gopaladesika MahAdesikAya Namaha,

Dear Bhaktas,

Adiyen fully concurs with Smt. Satyan's sentiments on supporting
needy Sri Vaishnava organizations and Acharyas in India. It is
extremely surprising that only a handful of people responded to
an appeal sent out to 1000 Sri Vaishnavas in the USA. If only
each of the 1000 Sri Vaishnavas contributes $10 per month, all
the Kaimkaryams can take place in an uninterrupted manner!
Adiyen whole-heartedly endorses Smt. Satyan's appeal and requests
that projects for needy Acharyas (most immediately, Swami Rangapriya
Mahadesikan and Parakala Matham Jeeyar) be commenced forthwith.
Adiyen will make a modest contribution to both projects shortly.

Namo Narayana,

SriMuralidhara Dasan

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