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Attitude of mind

From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 13:33:31 PDT

Dear members,

Following SrimAn KrishnamAchAryA's notes on SahasranAmA, Mani observes that 
it is the "attitude" of the bhakta that is important and not the outward 
form and extent of the act of worship. Sri.Mohan Sagar too wrote along the 
same lines.

Just as a matter of interest, I am keen to know from all learned members 
what is meant by "attitude"? In modern parlance, an attitude is defined as a 
'psychological frame' a certain pre-disposition of personality. It 
refers to a person's dominant tendency of character.
When a colleague of ours at work is uncooperative we say "he has an attitude 
problem". When we know a salesgirl behind the counter at the supermarket is 
rude to us, we avoid her next time thinking,"She badly needs a 
training-course in "attitudinal change". Until then I am going to stay away 
from her!". When my son constantly bullies her little sister I am told by 
"modern pyschology" (i.e. Her Excellency, their learned mother!) that he is 
exhibiting all the "attitudes of sibling rivalry".

Now, in a religious sense, what is "attitude"? I don't remember it  being 
specifically used very much in the religious literature I have read. I 
cannot even think of an equivalent term in Sanskrit or Tamil! Would 
"manO-bhAvam" fit the bill? Or would "manO-dharmA" be closer to it?

If it requires years of training and effort to cultivate a particular 
"attitude" even in our secular life, how can it then become so singularly 
easy to wear "an attitude of sincerity" in religious worship... like say, in 
"nAma-samkirtanam"? Is an 'attitude of sincerity" in worship available by 
merely wishing for it or simply willing it?

Is "sincere attitude" measureable? Or is it subjective? How should one 
determine the degree of one's "sincerity"?

Can you kindly discuss the above please?

adiyEn dAsanu-dAsan,

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