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Recent Contributions Disbursed through Srivaishnava Seva Samithi (SVSS)

From: Satyan, Nagu (
Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 13:18:45 PDT

Dear Bhaagawathas

Our family recently returned from a month's visit to India. We were blessed
to have had the opportunity to pay our respects to some of our Acharyas,
visit a few divya desams and other Vaishnavite Temples.  Due to Srimad
Azhagiya Singar's kindness and the Divya Dampathi's anugraham, my husband,
our son Krishna and I had our Samarshrayanam and Bhara Nyasam performed by
Azhagiya Singar on 13 June at Perengalathoor, outskirts of Chennai. Sri K.G.
Krishnan's help is very much appreciated. 

We paid our respects to Srimad Andavan at Chennai, Sri Parakala Mutt Jeer at
Mysore and Sri Rangapriya Swami at Bangalore. Sri Rangapriya Swami attended
my nephew's Upanayanam and gave an outstanding talk in English about the
significance of Upanayanam and Sandhyavandhanam.

We noticed first hand many of the plights described in the recent postings.
As K.R. Srinivasan (Colorado) stated in his posting, SVSS objective is to
alleviate the unacceptable situation through a cohesive and collective
effort by all of us. With the collections made since last December, on
behalf of SVSS and the Srivaishnava community, we presented the following
checks. The amounts presented is a drop in the bucket. Hopefully, it is the
start. We were in tears seeing the plight of some mutts, temples and the
Srivaishnava Archakas. It made me realize how wrong I was on the
internalization I had about our personal contribution. Sure, we can do more.
It is the mind set that needed tweaking. What if every Srivaishnava
contributes a few dollars/rupees/etc more, we could slowly improve the

We mailed out last October more than 1000 appeals and contacted many people
personally. Unfortunately, only a handful have responded to participate.
With the recent postings on the plight of Srivaishnavas and Srivaishnavism,
we are hoping that more will participate to support.

His Holiness the Jeer of Ahobila Mutt	$680.00 
Annadhanam Vidyadhanam Trust	$538.00 
The Secretary & Treasurer, Tiruppani Committee, Sri Sarangapaani Temple
$6094	(Sri Sampath's effort)
Sri Parakala Mutt			$790.00 
Sri Thoopil Temple Trust			$50.00 (not delivered yet)
Bindiganavale Keshava Perumal Temple	$350.00 
Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya	$222.00 
Sri Uttamoor Swamy Publications Trust	$30.00 

Based on our observations and communication with relatives, Sri Parakala
Mutt and Sri Rangapriya Swami need immediate support. Unfortunately, we had
no collection through SVSS for Sri Rangapriya Swami. In the next posting, I
will present to you all our conversations with the various Acharyas about
the financial situation. Since our rweturn, we have recd requests for
financial support. My immediate emotional reaction was to quit everything
and relocate to try to mobilize local support. Obviously I am still here.
More on this later.

I am sure Bhagawathas have had similar observations about other
Acharyas/temples etc. What I am indicating is not new or unique. The
challenge is how we get Srivaishnavas mobilized to support the great

My appeal to you all is to participate and contribute to what ever extent
one can. I think this is the time for action.  I understand that there have
been instances of the funds not reaching the cause. That should not detract
us from the responsibilities we have and stop us from supporting legitimate
organizations and causes. We need to collectively find solutions to the
problem and cannot ignore the situation. In my opinion, the worst offense I
will be doing is taking no action or providing no support.

Please bear with my emotional outbursts. My apologies if I have offended any
of you.


Nagalakshmi (Nagu) Satyan