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preserving our tradition and helping the needy

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Date: Fri Jul 23 1999 - 05:47:25 PDT

Message from N.S.Raghavan

	Sri Ramajayam

	Oppiliappan Education Trust

	An Appeal

   To provide for education is the compelling need of
the hour. If we can take care of the needs of
ambitious students hailing from poor families, we
would have done our community proud. We can have the
satisfaction of having been useful to the world and be
thankful for the opportunity given to us by the Lord.

   We are all aware that young and aspiring students
from our community are being literally pushed to the
wall in the wake of competition from people who have
more resources and others who are being pampered under
the present circumstances. Thus, there are many
students hailing from poor families who are unable to
get necessary educational allowances to fulfil their
aspirations. This Trust has been formed with the
motive of providing financial assistance to support
the needy students in our community.

   We have identified Ahobila Mutt Oriental School,
West Mamabalam, Chennai, as an institution which has
been contributing to the educational needs of our
community. We propose to institute a scholarship for
two students from this educational year onwards
(1999-2000). This will be in terms of a cash award of
approximately Rs.500 per month per student. The school
principal will be requested to nominate and forward
the names of two deserving students.

  We propose to collect Rs.5000 as one unit from each
sponsor and contribute to the trust as a permanent
deposit. Twenty such contributions are required for
the above objective. This money will be kept in the
form of a fixed deposit and the interest will be
utilized for the scholarship.

  We appeal to you to contribute generously and
wholeheartedly. We solicit voluntary contributions.
You can contribute on your own or by collect the money
from your friends and relatives and by forwarding this

Kindly forward your contributions to the following
address and use this opportunity to support needy and
deserving students.

Mailing Address  :
   N.S.Raghavan / K.Sundararajan
   Oppiliappan Educational Trust
   19/5 Taylors Estate II Street
   Chennai - 600024.

Email :

With Regards,

N.S.Raghavan & K.Sundararajan (Trustees)

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