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Tapes available from Srimad Andavan Ashramam

From: Srinivasan Rangaswamy (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 10:14:47 PDT


Dear Bhagavathas

This e-mail message is coming to you on behalf of Srirangam
Srimad Andavan Ashramam.  It is likely that you are aware of this
great institution already.  For your information, we would like
to keep you informed that the address of this Ashramam Web site
is This site has a lot of information about
Ashramam and its activities.  Periodical updates are being made.
We invite you to view the website and would be pleased to have
your comments.

e-mail addresses for Ashramam are and Srimad Andavan Ashramam has undertaken a project
to release recordings of very important works of Sri Ramanuja,
Sri Alavandar, Swamy Desikan and Sri Valmiki (of Ramayanam).His
Holiness has recited the works of Sri Alavandar's Chatusloki and
Sthothrarathnam followed by Swami Desikan's Sthothrams (complete
works).  The recordings have come out very well.  These
recordings are made in one set of six audio tapes.

Further, His Holiness has done Sri Valmiki's "Sundara Kandam"
recently with great efforts.  This is completed in a set of 11
audio cassettes.

We, the devotees of Andavan Ashramam were fortunate in getting
these works recited by His Holiness and are happy to place at the
service of all Srivaishnavite families and other admirers.  These
collections in every household will definitely carry the blessing
of our Acharyas.  We would like to offer these recordings to the
devotees living around the world.

The cost details are given below:

- ----------------------------------------------------------------
I	Sri Ramanuja's Gadyathrayam 
	and Swami Desikan's Sri Paduka Sahasram		
	1 set of 5 Audio casettes
	1 set of 4 C.D.s
	Price 	US$25 + mailing for Casettes
 			$50 + mailing for C.D.s
	Payment by cheque in favour of "Sri Rangaramanuja

II	Sri Alavandar's Chatusloki and Sthothrarathnam
followed by
	Swami Desikan's Sthothrams (Complete works)
	1 set of 6 audio casettes		
	1 set of 5 C.D.s
	Price		US$30 + mailing for Casettes
			US$60 + mailing for C.D.s
	Payment by cheque in favour of "Sri Rangaramanuja

III	Sri Valmiki Ramayanam's Sundara Kandam
	1 set of 11	Audio Casettes
	1 set of 9 C.D.s			
	Price 	US$$55 + mailing for Casettes
			US$100 + mailing for C.D.s
	Payment by cheque in favour of "Sri Ranganatha Paduka
Vidyalaya 	Trust"
- ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Requests for casettes / C.D.s can be sent by e-mail to the
aforesaid e-mail address and to the
e-mail address to the attention of the undersigned
(Sri R Srinivasan.)

Mailing: Mailing cost from India in a safe packing will be very
expensive.  Hence the following arrangements will be less
expensive and is available till the 25th of this month.

The undersigned will be visiting shortly U.S. on a holiday and
plans to be in San Fransisco for two months.  I am leaving India
on 29th July 1999. If any request for the above reaches us latest
by 25th of July, I will be in a position to carry these with me
and mail to all those who requested through U.S. mail.  In some
cases, I may also use FEDEX at Concessional rates.  Mailing cost
in the case of first two volumes will be US$ 5 and or Sundara
Kandam it will be US$10.  If anyone is interested in this mode,
the payment through cheques for I and II Volumes may be drawn in
the name of "Sri Rangaramanuja Mahadesikan Trust".

For payment to Sundara Kandam the cheque may please be made in
the name of "Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya Trust"

To reduce the postage cost, these payments may please be sent to
the following address in US itself .

C/O Vijay Anand,
244, FLYNN AVE.,
Mountain View,
CA 94043

Phone:  650 966 8716

All payments received will be remitted to Srimad Andavan
Ashramam.  Official receipts will be made and sent to your
address alongwith "Manthratchadai" from His Holiness.  The entire
proceeds of Sundara Kandam is for a good social cause of Funding
Srimad Andavan's Arts and Science college at Srirangam.  The new
buildings for this college were constructed taking donations from
well wishers as well as bank loans; Bank loans if cleared at the
earliest will help to reduce interest burden.  We request you to
have a look at the web site, wherein various activities of
Ashramam is stated and how the devotees can contribute to the
growth of Ashramam.  We invite you and your family to

With Best Regards