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pathetic sight of SriVaishnavas

From: Rajam (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 04:48:38 PDT

This is to just share a personal experience similar and contrary to Mr.

We, a set of relatives,  had been to SriVilliputhur. There my uncle paid
Rs. 200/- to an Archakar who got it saying that he would perform puja
every month on the Nakshatram of my uncle and post the Prasadam every
month to his house. My uncle had also given his address to the Archakar.
This happened in 1997 and till date my uncle has not received any

I do not mean to say that all Archakas are like this. The situation is
so worse that we have to sincerely try to bring our culture and
reputation back into form.



Subject: Re: pathetic sight of SriVaishnavas
Date: Wed, 21 Jul 1999 17:38:56 -0600
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In some of the recent postings, the "pathetic sight of SriVaishnavas"
metioned. adiyen would like to add his two cents worth..

Last November/December during my visit to India, adiyen visited
SriRangam, and
for the first time visited th sannithi for Sri Nathamunigal and
Venugopalan. The
bhattar had noticed that adiyen was fresh from samashrayanam, and asked
if some
financial support could be had towards the day-to-day kainkaryams for
To cut a long story short, i send some amount to this sannithi, actually
to the
bhattar. He in turn uses and as a token of thanx sends the kumkumam,
manjal etc.
to my parents or self. Everytime i receive the prasadam, it gives a
sense of
satisfaction, since thee are no typical Perumal koils here, Perumal
himself is
sending his prasadam.