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Sri VaishnavAs in Divya Desams
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 05:52:17 PDT

Dear BhaghavatAs:

The issue of Sri VaishnavA ArchakAs in our Divya Desam has been brought to the
fore-front by Balaji in
a touching fashion - eventhough the issue itself is not new.  Much intellectual
effort has been spent in analyzing this problem.  Temples fulfill the need of
society,  and new temples in new forms are appearing wherever people are willing
to support and sustain it.  They are generally satisfied with it.

There is no doubt that Divya Desams are very dear to the heart of Sri
VaishnavAs.  One thought that has been simmering in my mind is as follows.

(1) Each of us should adopt at least one Divya DEsam

(2) Buy a small house with two-floors with good sanitation facilities and water

(3) Rent the Ground Floor to the Archakar (free of cost)

(4) Keep the first floor for yourselves and other visitors of this scheme to use
it whenever they visit
that Divya Desam.

(5) Organizing on a daily basis - Divya Prabandha Parayanam, Veda Parayanam,
Sahasranama Parayanam etc., should be the next step.

There is obviously a need for some coordinator/facilitator to help the people
here to identify and implement this scheme in India.  This is the project for my
"post retired life", if Emperuman wishes that way.  However, I thought this may
be an appropriate time to sound this idea, for members who are interested in
carrying out this idea on their own.


Vijayaraghava Dasan

Buffalo, NY