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From: sudarshan madabushi (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 01:44:43 PDT

Dear members,

After reading my posts on the Mani-initiated discussion on "material comfort 
and spititual pursuit", many of you have sent me private mails  in which you 
have posed further questions. Some of these are personal in nature.

Please note that I have neither the competence nor the moral authority to 
advise you. I am as much a "loukeeka-jantu" as you all maybe are. I am in 
the dock too, right there with you all!

All I did in my posts was to quote from an "AchAryA's" speech and tried to 
show the deep chasm that exists between the Vedic ideal we all say we 
espouse and the way we actually put it to practice in our lives.  The 
objective of my posts was not to preach but to merely mirror. I wanted to 
show that there is something called the IDEAL way of vedic living that the 
sAstrA decribes... and there is something else like an abject apology for it 
which we in the modern world like to imagine can be passed off as not being 
close to the original perhaps, but good enough, nonetheless, for the present 

If you must seek advice for your personal dilemmas I strongly urge you all 
to approach your respective "AchAryA-s" and mentors... your best friends in 
such matters.

Others who have posed questions at an impersonal, academic level I will 
respond to you individually in personal mails.


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