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Re:Bodily health

From: A. Bharat (
Date: Thu Jul 22 1999 - 09:36:29 PDT

Dear Smt sheela Belur

In this matter I'm reminded of what my guru Sri Rangapriya
Swami used to say.He would quote Kalidasa's line from
Kumara sambhavam: "SarIra-mAdyam khalu dharma sAdhanam".
One's body is the first and ultimate instrument do good in
this life.Hence like any other instrument it should always
be kept in a totally workable condition.So whatever cure
is needed is automatically included.I suppose one could
draw a line at those rejuvenation treatments (at Kerala ?)
which some people go for.In any case no such treatment has
been known to put forward the moment of death.

EmberumAnAr TiruvaDigaLE SaraNam!