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Re: Bodily health

From: Madhavakkannan V (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 17:03:21 PDT


Dear Smt Sheela,

Yet another thought provoking topic.

I remember having read the emblem of All India Institute of Medical Sciences 
Delhi, which reads "sarIra maadhyaa: kalu dharma saasthram", which, when I 
checked up with my father, he said " is a Vedic statement, meaning, in other 
words, one needs to take care of the sarIram.

A healthy mind in a healthy body. Under that pretext, we shall not 
concentrate only on that.

Another thing this reminded me of (though not exactly related is):H.H Srimad 
Pundareekapuram Andavan had once said (during Chilaarai Rahasyam 
kaalakeshEpam) "even one is in unconscious state, and is not able to perform 
any nithya karmas, (sandhyavandhanam), and if one wants to help him and do 
something to him, he can simply perform sandhyavandhanam (thrikaalam) for 
the patient also, additionally and separately. That is the greatest help one 
can do. Swami always talks about the essentiality of performing 
sandhyavandhanam, without which whatever one does - be it 106 Divya Desam 
visits, or 108 pradhakshinam of PerumAL Koil, it will not equal. He is Karma 
chaNdaaLan. He has nithya theettu and is not even qualified to enter the 
temple, actually. It is the aajnyA karma. One has to perform. Any other 
prayers, japam, will not please Him. How? You child does not go to school, 
does not study, but hugs you and kisses you, and says "appaa, I like you." 
Are you happy and pleased?

Chinthaa nadhiyil oru kaakidha kappal. (in the words of Laa. Saa. 


Narayana Narayana


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