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Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 10:11:13 PDT

Namaskar to all,

Thanks for including my name in Bhakti lists. My name is Smt.Soumya Raghu. I 
am the daughter of Smt and Sri.B.K.Keshava Bhagawan and daughter-in-law of 
Smt and Sri. Dr.N.S.Anantharangachar. Dr.N.S.A. might be a known AchAriar to 
you. I have been fortunate enough to gain some knowledge about our AlwArs 
from him. I attend Thiruwaimozhi Kalakshepam rendered by Dr.NSA. He is more 
of an AchAriar than a father-in-law.I hope to learn more about 
Srivaishnavism from him as well as from this site.

Pranams to all,

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