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agnostics in (Sri)Vaishnava philosophy

From: Rajam (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 04:15:25 PDT

Mr. Badri's question on agnostics is thought provoking and is making us
to think on what really is Godliness or expected out of human to reach
God's feet to be out of cycle of rebirth( if it exists).

I feel that there is no one really as is explained in Narsi's song.
Worshipping God is the way to take us to that path. If there is anyone
who follows such ideals as stated in the song,  it becomes difficult for
him to maintain that. We see from history that even sages like
Viswamitra are tangible to fall back to worldly pleasures in which
knowigly or unknowingly we hurt others.

Also there is one more thought coming to me:

There are also people in the world who perform all religious rituals and
talk great philosophies but will be following nasty abandoned ways at
the back for attaining women and wealth. I have seen in my life such
examples. But these persons are given the first place in all our temples
including Tirupathi as they are influential.

Does it mean that God is for only people (or the Devotees?) who pay
money?  So should we run after money to see God closer?