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Bodily health

From: Sheela Belur (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 07:20:04 PDT

Dear Shrivaishnavas:

Just like Sri.Mani's  question on material wealth which resulted in many, 
thought provoking ideas, the  following doubt has been in my mind for 
quite some time now and some recent  events in my life have made the 
question re-surface once more. The  question is - Should preventive 
health care be something a  Shrivaishanva (or attempting to be a 
Shrivaishnava) under go periodically?
Or should the person just follow "Vaidyo Narayano hari:" and leave it to Him?
After all, we all desire the Ultimate - Moksham. As Alwar was supposed 
to have  said "maranamaakki   vaikundham..." which they say was later 
changed to  "maranamaanaal....."  so people will not stop reciting it for 
the fear that it will hasten their death. 
On the other hand, even if preventive health care IS needed, how far 
should one go? Where does one draw the line? At what point does one let 
nature take its course? 

Hoping that I would get some satisfying answers,


Sriranganayaki- Ramanuja Dasi