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agnostics in (Sri)Vaishnava philosophy

From: Rajam (
Date: Wed Jul 21 1999 - 00:06:21 PDT

Respected elders,

Though I do not know much to say on the above, I would like to quote
Thondaradipodi alwar's pAsuram  pointing on non believers of Sri

' andarkOn amarum sOlai
    ani  thirivarangamEnna
  mindar paindunnum chOttrai
    vilakki nAikku idumineere. '

He says people who do not utter the nAmA of SriRanganatha are not worthy
of having food (not fit for survival) and we can remove their food and
feed  it to dogs.

He implies that  they instead of relishing on Him and His Temple, relish
only on silly things like food which even a dog relishes.  His
contention is that, such people should not be enterained by the

I have not known this from any scholar, so if there is anything wrong,
please pardon me.

namo narayana,