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agnostics in (Sri)Vaishnava philosophy

From: Badri Seshadri (
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 11:58:03 PDT

Forgive me if this is not an apt topic for this group.

How are agnostics considered in the Vedic tradition
and in particular Sri Vaishnava tradition?

If I may expand a bit on it, I am talking about people
who do not perform any rituals nor "worship" any
God or Acharya. They otherwise behave very ethically
and morally, do not hurt others and in fact help others
[well, pretty much whatever is said in Narsi Mehta's
much celebrated song 'Vaishnava jana to tene kahiye'
that defines a Vaishnava except the lines
"His heart is fixed on the Lord"] and so on.

You can find an english translation of the song in