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Ceiling on Desires
Date: Tue Jul 20 1999 - 06:12:28 PDT

Dear BhaghavatAs:

Recently, there have been much discussion on the pursuit of wealth.
There have been  views expressed on both sides that have been
indeed enlightening.  The net result is: We will continue to do
what we are used to do (may be with a little more guilt).  In my opinion,
 we carefully listen to all those wonderful sayings and thoughts and
even before they start to bear any influence we carefully bury them
and proceed to do what we are habituated to.

Incidentally, I just recalled a sastraic saying that defines "What is enough".

"AtyushnAth, sagrutAt annAt   acchidrAt chaiva vAsasa:   AkAnkshan adhikam
sadyaf patanamruchati"

"A vipra should not aspire for anything more than - a clean and a good vastram
plus hot cooked rice with ghee."

Now where does this place us!


Vijayaraghava Dasan

Buffalo, NY