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Re: An ineteresting episode involving Nadadur Ammal & 'adiyEn'

From: Venkatesh Elayavalli (
Date: Mon Jul 19 1999 - 07:51:16 PDT

>Dear Sri Venkatesh,
>adiyEn!!! heard that this episode was involving Swami
>EmberumAnAr and ThirukkOttiyUr nambi  when the former went to
>Sri Nambi's house for learning the ThirumanthirArtham. It is said
>that EmberumAnAr went to Nambi's house many times, and every
>time he used to refer himself as 'Naan" and later realised the
>meaning of the sentence " Naan setthu nee vaa". Only after this
>Nambi gave the Thirumanthira upadEsam to EmberumAnAr.

Dear Sri Venkatesh

The incident involving Emperumaanaar and ThirukkOttiyur nambi
is similar, but has a different intent. Govindacharya in his book
'The  Life of Ramanuja' says that emperumaanaar visited
tirukkottiyur 17 times and each time he was turned away. The
reason he gives  here is, T Nambi wanted to test emperumaanaar's
faith and zeal, he wanted to be sure that the mantras are
explained to the right person. Had his will been weak, he would
long ago have given up his endeavor as unworthy of pursuit.

On the other hand when dasarathi (mudaliaandaan) was instaructed by
emperumaanaar to learn the charmasloka meaning from T. nambi,
he is said to have addressed himself as "naan". T. Nambi declined
to instruct him and dasarathi tried his best for 6 months. At the
end T. Nambi said

"Let every trace in thee cease, of the threefold
egotism which troubles mankind, that of talent,
wealth and ancestry. Ramanuja will be the best
judge of thee in these matters. Go tohim and wait
on his will and pleasure. He will bless thee."

this is also based on dasarathi's zeal and faith. T. Nambi
himself removed the ego from Dasarathi as he knew that just
like emperumaanaar, dasarathi had strong will and knew he
deserved the meaning of the mantras.

Azhavaar emperumaanaar jeeyar thiruvadikale saranam

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