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Desire for moksa

From: Venkat Nagarajan (
Date: Fri Jul 16 1999 - 08:07:49 PDT

Dear bhagavats,

I am submitting the following because we need to clear on the nature of
desires.  This is relevant to the discussion we have been having about
pursuit of wealth.

Directly Quoting: Any mistakes are my typing errors.

Source: (Fundamentals of Vis'istAdvaita by Sri. S.M.S. Chari)

Karmas are classified into pravrtta and nirvrtta.  pravrtta karma are those
which are performed for the attainment of some desired results either in
this world or higher realms.  The nivrtta karma is that which is performed
without any desire for results but purely for the purpose of moksha.  In
this context a question is raised whether the karmas which are
observed as auxiliaries to upAsanA for the purpose of moksa could be
strictly considered niskAma since they are done with desire (kAmanA)
for moksa.  

Vedanta Des'ika points out that there is no room for the above objection if
we understand correctly the implication of words pravrtta and nivrtta. 
The nivrrtta karmas are those which are helpful to overcome the fear of
being caught up in bondage.  The pravrtta karmas are those whose
observance will lead one towards bondage and cause further bondage.

Moksa is the supreme goal of life, if one desires it, it does not become a
kAmanA, that is something to be achieved for selfish purposes. 
Moksa-kAmanA is not KamanA as understood in the ordinary sense of
the term.  It is a desire directed towards the removal of bondage and is to
be sought for as the ultimate goal of life.

End of Quoting!

The reason I wrote this: I often here people say nitya karmas are
commandments of God, but they fail to point out that these
are given out of compassion, by Brahman, the true well wisher, for the
mumuksu, who is desirous of moksha.  Further, to point out the desire for
moksha is not like other desires!

A good question for discussion is:

what does moksha entail? Since this is what a mumuksu desires for.  

We should be clear on what it is we are in pursuit of, or else the
conviction will not develop!